Tucson Jazz Institute
Music Technology and Sound Recording
This year we upgraded our recording equipment giving our students the opportunity to learn on state-of-the art equipment to compete in a market where there are more jobs in the music tech business then ever before: recording engineers, sound mixers, stage hands, producers, and promoters, to name just a few. This class will cover the basics of sound reinforcement, sound systems, microphones, mixing consoles, the use of various sound effects, stereo and multi-track recording and music production. Many aspects of the music industry will be presented. All styles of music will be considered for recording and production. Bands are also encouraged to take this class so that we can make a demo CD for class projects. Capturing a professional sound, turning it into a CD and selling it online are crucial skills to master for today's modern musicians. In the last three years all the winning bands at the Tucson Battle of the Bands have been TCMS students. And there was always at least one member in the band that was in our Music Tech class to record their audition CD in our studio. If you have a band you need to record, want to put your music on YouTube, want to understand what the "sound people" are doing, want to work in a recording studio or have your own, want to promote your music, or even want to be a "roadie" with a pop band, our Music Tech class is the best place to get started.

Music Tech students learn about:

  • Microphones - what kinds there are & how to use them
  • Mixing boards - use in the studio and at the concert
  • Sound reinforcement - setting up mikes/mixing boards for live performances and concerts
  • Recording software - we use Pro Tools, the most used software in the recording industry. We also have Cubase and can help you with Garage Band.
  • Operating a recording studio - our studio has a soundproof recording both, a Baldwin grand piano, an acoustically engineered studio, a 24-channel mixer, AKG mikes, a new 27" screen Mac, and more.
  • CD production and promotion - our students record our CDs and can record and produce their own bands.

     MT Student, Leventi Post, on location outside of control booth
Tucson Jazz Institute, 6061 East Broadway Blvd. Suite 121,Tucson AZ (520) 514-0935